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"Their lives are turned upside down when a luxury golf course invades their headland. The worms try to negotiate but their efforts are met with insecticide. Our long, wriggly friends have had enough! They decide to take action …  A story for children and (ssssssh) adults too."

Irish 'Indie' Winner 2016!

The Worms That Saved The World

Available at all good book stores!

Do You Like Oranges?

Three short stories about repression. In Down The Tunnels a former policeman relives his role in the 'big case' when an innocent man was framed for his part in an audacious robbery. In But Your Mother a protester is forced to realise the conseqeunces of his actions. In Do You Like Oranges? a victim of Ireland's 'Heavy Gang' returns to settle a score.

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